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Tried to change from PCL to .NET Standard and then back

EliasJohannesEliasJohannes ATMember ✭✭

So, i wanted to change my PCL project to a .NET Standard project and after doing so in my Project options ( i know it's the wrong method ), i wanted to get back to the original state of my project, so i changed back to PCL. Now nothing works anymore, i can't build my project, i can't update my nuget packages, basically everything is broken. Can anyone help me please?



  • EliasJohannesEliasJohannes ATMember ✭✭

    SOLVED: I fixed this copying all my code to a new clean .NET Standard project and finally everything works again

    Guys, NEVER EVER change from PLC to .NET Standard in your VS Settings, it breaks everything. I almost lost my whole code if i didn't back up!

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