Xamarin University, instructor led class availability?

I've been watching the schedule carefully list for the past 2-3 weeks. I noticed that of all the classes required for the first certification track (Xamarin Professional Certification), almost every class (all but 1) is 100 level, and only two of those ever have live classes (XAM101 and XAM120), are the other 10 classes ever offered in instructor led format? I'm not a paid subscriber yet, but I can see the schedule, and near 99% of classes are for the 2nd more advanced cert track. I don't mind self taught, but prefer instructor led, will these classes ever scheduled, or are they only self taught?


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    If you click on a course, there is a link to request a class time. Can you access the Xamarin University sub-forum here? If so, that would be a better place to post this question.

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