MT1302: Could not extract the native framework (binding .framework)

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Hi All,

I am trying to bind a .framework , below is what I did

  1. Got the .framework file (Map My India SDK) MMIFramework.framework
  2. Created a binding library project
  3. Added the framework as NativeReference, added the necessary linker flags
  4. I wasnt able to set build action as I was not getting that option for the NativeReference framework
  5. APIDefinitions file were there but MMIFramework.framework.linkwith.cs was not created automatically as some tutorial said
  6. Using ObjectiveSharpie, created the APIDefinitions

sharpie bind -sdk iphoneos11.4 MMIFramework.framework/Headers/MMIMapView.h -scope MMIFramework.framework/Headers -c -F MMIFramework.framework

  1. Created a new project and added this binding project
  2. Createad a MMIMapView (UIView) in storyboard and gave a build. Build resulted in a linking error

warning MT1302: Could not extract the native framework 'MMIFramework.framework' from '/Users/a's/Samples/XamarinProjects/TestMMI/TestMMI/iOS/obj/iPhone/Debug/mtouch-cache/'. Please ensure the native framework was properly embedded in the managed assembly (if the assembly was built using a binding project, the native framework must be included in the project, and its Build Action must be 'ObjcBindingNativeFramework'

Any ideas on what is going on?



  • Gmoney494Gmoney494 USMember ✭✭

    Any luck with this? I have a similar problem that i cant find the solution for.

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