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My App will not start on Visual Studio Emulator for Android


I created an Android app using Xamarin.Android. I have created a signed APK file that has worked on every physical device I have installed it on. It works on BlueStacks emulator, But that flavor of Android emulator requires Hyper-v to be disabled. For our QA team here its preferred to keep hyper-v running as they utilize many QA vms on their machines as they are testing.

The Visual Studio Emulator for Android was downloaded and installed. Emulator Starts up no issues.

Then installed the APK file on the emulator. (This is by clicking a dropbox link to the APK, downloading then installing) The App installs but when the Icon is clicked to launch the app we get an Immediate "Unfortunately, Your APP has stopped" error. Which really is unfortunate actually.

Has anyone experienced the same or similar scenario, or have any insight as to what might be the issue? It would be appreciated.

Thank you.


  • SeanBarberSeanBarber USMember

    Can i bump this? I noticed the Emu didn't have the play store on there. Is that something I would need to install for the app to work...

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