Provide feature for Image Annotation

Hi, I want to build a feature in which user can take a picture from camera/gallery.
Once done, it provides user to annotate a picture in basic form (Only basic strokes).

I haven't found any feature with media plugin.

Also, I tried SignaturePad nuget package as well, it allows me to add the background image but final result doesn't include the image.

can you please guide me how we can achieve the image annotation.


  • hkiddhkidd Member ✭✭

    I am looking for the same capabilities; essentially the ability to allow the user to mark basic strokes (arrows, circles, etc.) on a photo and then save the photo so that it displays the photo with the marked changes overlaid. I am using the Media Plugin to take the photo.

  • GouravPunyaniGouravPunyani USMember ✭✭

    Hi, I solved this issue using this link

    But, I checked only for iOS and it works perfectly at my end.

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