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Xamarin UITest or Appium

jerryno6jerryno6 VNMember ✭✭

I'm considering between XamarinUITest and Appium
I tried XamarinUITest, and I saw that I can use XamarinUITest for Xamarin forms, which runs on both iOS and Android platform.

I've heard about Appium, I searched on google Appium + Xamarin Forms, but I cannot find any solution or any guide for it.
I want to code once, and that code can test for both Android and iOS

I wonder whether I use Appium to code automation UI test for Xamarin Forms ?



  • JGoldbergerJGoldberger USMember, Forum Administrator, Xamarin Team, University Xamurai

    Have a look at our docs:

    For teams selecting a test framework for the first time, it is recommended to use the framework that is native to the platform.

    • Espresso for Android apps
    • Xamarin.UITest for Xamarin cross-platform apps
    • XCUITest for iOS apps

    The outlier to this approach is Appium. Appium may be a good choice for teams with either Appium or Selenium experience or for teams with non-Xamarin apps that desire cross-platform tests. More information is available on the Appium website.

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