App.UPW - no using System; available

In my UWP portion of my solution, I am chasing errors and after unloading/reloading nugets...deleting vs/obj/bin files...rebuilding VS2017 community, I noticed that in the app.xaml file the using System; statement is not being recognized now...causing like 124 errors. Any suggestions on what to try now?



  • ike_barrettike_barrett Member ✭✭

    As an update: I migrated all of the code into a new solution (renamed old solution, created new solution with same name and folder structure, reloaded all files back in and went to all current nuget packages) the error did not resume. There must be an error somewhere in a background file that is causing it to hold up...I don't know what it is or how to find it, but I am back up and working. If you happen to know how to track this stuff down, I still would like to know, but for now I am going to close this as answered (even though I really don't like the answer).

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