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Hello everyone,

There is a contest called BiscayApp going on. Good thing about this contest is that it's open for developed mobile apps, but also for ideas for mobile apps (no need for them to be developed yet).

The contest has four categories: silver economy, data intelligence, energy, and advanced manufacturing. You can find the explanation for all the categories in the website (to find it, you have to write "BiscayApp" in google browse and it'll appear first thing).

If you are indeed considered a finalist, you will need to come to the final gala in October (date yet unknown). But the trip to Spain (travel and accommodation) will be **fully covered **by the Provincial Council of Biscay.

Plus, the prizes are great:

-€2.000 if you win your category.

-€10.000 if you win the contest as the "overall winning app", and support from the Provincial Council of Biscay for the implementation of your project in the Basque Country.

I hope you all find this interesting!

Let us know your thoughts! ;)

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