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How do I setup Entity Framework Core 2.1 with Sqlite? - Connecting Database to My Solution

Hello everyone, I am not an expert on this technology yet, so I guess for most this is a very basic question... But I don't really know how to use DBContext and how can I really connect my database, to the cross-platform solution file... and which nuget packages should I use?... where do I reference it?... what classes should I make and what codes do I put in it?... These questions, that I don't even know how to apply on my solution, I hope it doesn't bother you guys...

My goal is to make a datagrid using xaml grid, binded with sqlite database using entity framework core 2.1...

If you can answer my question in a step-by-step guide that would be really helpful for me...

*How can I setup the Entity Framework Core 2.1 using the database that I created from sqlite?
    * My Database Location & Name: C:\sqlite\demo.db
    * My Target Framework: .Net Standard 2.0
    * My Visual Studio Version: 15.7.2
    * For Android, IOS, & UWP


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