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Is there any solution to replace xamarin ui test recorder on windows since it's deprecated ?

I can't install the xamarin UI Test recorder extension on visual studio because it's deprecated. Is there any solution to replace ui test recorder on windows?

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  • MarkZhukovskyMarkZhukovsky USMember ✭✭

    @jobarke but the App Center CLI is just for running tests, which you now have to write manually, whereas the recorder actually wrote the code for the tests for you while you clicked around the UI - is this accurate or am I missing something? Please let us know, thanks.

  • jobarkejobarke USXamarin Team Xamurai

    You are correct.
    As you mentioned, the Test Recorder was a tool that would write code by clicking on the UI and would upload those tests to Xamarin Test Cloud.
    Now, we have the App Center CLI - which does upload the tests but does not write them automatically, the developer would need to write them.
    There currently is no replacement for the Test Recorder as of now.

  • karlingenkarlingen Member ✭✭

    @jobarke the REPL seems to be able to help navigate around and then use the copy command to copy all the commands to the clipboard, which is pretty nice.

    Can't we make it possible to use it the other way around as well? Meaning that if you tap around in the simulator it would be picked up by the REPL and added to its copy-history. So one would be able to navigate around in the simulator and then just issue a copy command in the REPL and you'd get the full history without having to write any testing code.

  • LeoJHarrisLeoJHarris NZMember ✭✭✭

    @jobarke jumping on an old post. Any update if this will make a come back in some shape or form? Having some way to speed up actually having the tests written up automatically would be great to see again.

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