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How do I see console.log output from Safari attached to an ios WkWebW HybridWebView implementation?

Hi all, anyone have any luck getting console.log trace info when attached via Safari to an ios WkWebW HybridWebView implementation? I know how debugging is supposed to work, and I can debug the js in my hybridwebiew on the Android project, but no matter what I do I get no console output. The safari debugger even pops up when my HybridWebView loads … but I can't see any js assets loaded nor any console log output.

To be clear, the client side js is running because I'm getting (some) of the anticipated behavior, but I can't debug or even trace without console.log....

driving me crazy! Any help appreciated.


  • DavidGerding.4136DavidGerding.4136 USMember ✭✭

    Here are some additional details:

    I'm using a HybridWebViewRenderer.

    There is a way to use the platform-specific browser for each as described for Android and iOS

    Android works but on the iOS project, running on MacOS, naturally, the Safari desktop browser there _does _open when I hit the webview in the app on the simulator. But Safari doesn't show any associated html/js assets nor console log output.

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