Creating menuitems in xamarin.ios on a tabbed page using MvvmCross

santosh_g31santosh_g31 Member ✭✭

I am creating a mobile app for android and ios using xamarin and MVVMCross.

In android I have created a tabbed page with 3 tabs using viewpager and toolbar.I have menuitems in the toolbar like Save,Sync etc. on click of which will save the content in each of the 3 tabs back into the database.

I want to implement the same in xamarin.ios but I see one problem here because if I create a tabbed page in ios using MvxTabBarController I am not sure if I can implement a similar concept of toolbar with menuitems where the menuitems will remain common across three tabs. I am using MvvmCross so I have a MainViewmodel binding to MainViewController which will create 3 tabs for three child Viewmodels further having their respective Viewcontrollers attached.

In short my goal is to achieve the same I did for android application having common menuitems across 3 tabs.

Can anyone please help .....This is my first ios application !!

Thanks, Santosh

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