Problem calling SOAP service on iOS

Hi together,

first: sorry if my question sounds somehow silly, I'm currently coding my very first app using Xamarin.

I try toconsume a SOAP web service. What I've done is generating the proxy with slsvcutil and then use this proxy in my app. For Android, everything works fine, but in iOS i get an exception when creating the channel:

System.InvalidOperationException: MonoTouch does not support dynamic proxy code generation. Override this method or its caller to return specific client proxy instance

I already looked around quite a bit, and I understand the reason (no dynamic code generation on iOS) and I already tried a few things, but I do not really get it to work. As far as I understand the exceptiopn (I got no stacktrace or something, so I dont' know exaclty which method is the problem) I have to override the CreateChannel method. Is there somewhere a working example?

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