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How to correctly consume SOAP service in iOS?

Hi toghether,

first: Sorry if my question seems sily. I'm rigth about building my first app with Xamarin ever.

I'm facing some trouble consuming a SOAP service. I created the proxy with the WCF web service wizard and just tired a first call to the service. however, I get a runtime exception hwen I create the channel:

System.InvalidOperationException: MonoTouch does not support dynamic proxy code generation. Override this method or its caller to return specific client proxy instance

OK, so far I understand the problem (dynamic code generation not allowed on iOS), but I'm not really sure what I need to override. I already added an override to the CreateChannel method in the generated service class, but it didn't change anything...

    public partial class InventoryClient : System.ServiceModel.ClientBase<inventoryServiceProxy.Inventory>, inventoryServiceProxy.Inventory
            protected override Inventory CreateChannel()

Sadly the Exception gives no further information on the method and also no stack trace is available. Can anybody give me some hints?

To me it seems I'm somehow on the wrong route, in my opinion consuming a SOAP service should be a no brainer on a mobile dev framework. Is there an easy way to do it?

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