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Need help about Objective Sharpie

Happin3ssHappin3ss USMember ✭✭
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Currently, I'm porting DTCoreText library from Objective C to Xamarin. I've done creating the fat library .a but stucking at using Objective Sharpie to create APIs binding for it.
FYI, DTCoreText was build based on a reference/external project named DTFoundation, you can take a look at :
The DTFoundation reference project is put inside externals folder.
DTCoreText already provide us Static Library build scheme so We can use it to get .a file without creating another static library project.

So here are what it look like for now :

If I run ObjSharpie to generate binding for all *.h file inside 'include' folder, I will get some error

That's because inside the DTHTMLParserNode.h header have imported DTWeakSupport.h which are cannot be found. I tried to put the DTFoundation folder (which included that missing header) inside "include" folder but keep getting another error :

![]( "")

So I think I'm missing something or Did something wrong.
Any help will be very appreciated ! Thank you !

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