In 2018, what is the best pc configuration out there for Xamarin app development?

Juansero29Juansero29 USMember ✭✭

I'm wanting to buy a setup optimized for Xamarin development. I want to have the best laptop setup for doing Xamarin app development.

Is a mac the best machine? Is it a pc laptop plus a MacBook?

Is it better to have a lot of processing power to reduce compiling, building and deployment times? What's the best configuration?


  • MarcoTronconeMarcoTroncone GBUniversity ✭✭✭

    A MacBook PRO is very useful, I use it in the office and I have to say that I have almost no problem with it (ok, using parallels, I have some issues with Android emulators, but it's still fine).

    At home I have a pc laptop and then I use a secondary mac to build the app It's still a good solution but when I have to build the app for iOS it's slower.

    My idea is that having 2 laptop to do a single task is not a great solution.
    So the possibilities are 2:

    1) Use only a MacBookPro
    2) Buy a powerful desktop (Desktop CPU are amazing compared to the mobile ones) and connect it to a mac.

    I'd suggest the first option if you mainly create apps for iOS.
    I'd suggest the second option if you mainly create apps for Android.

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