Looking for a Senior Xamarin Developer in the Netherlands!


We're looking for a Senior Xamarin Developer available to start asap for a full-time role in the Netherlands (Central Netherlands area).

What do you need?

As a Senior Xamarin Developer at XABLU you should have relevant work experience in Xamarin development. You know what the architecture looks like and how it works. You have excellent knowledge of English as well as practical and theoretical knowledge of various programming languages.

You love to talk about Xamarin and if you want, you can do this for a crowd as well. Furthermore, you’re willing to travel, you’re a team player and you have a structural approach. You take initiative and you’re creative in solving problems.

What are you going to do?

As a Senior Xamarin Developer you’ll make use of your knowledge and experience in every possible way. This includes app development, managing one or more projects, preparing information required for colleagues, ‘fire-fighting’ to help clients rescue their projects or giving a presentation to a client’s technical management team on how to execute their cross-platform strategy.

In the remaining hours, you’ll be guiding our Juniors to become awesome devs and you’ll work on our Open Source (Xamarin) components when necessary. And of course, you’ll also spend time keeping yourself up-to-date with everything that’s related to Xamarin and software development.

In this position you’ll have the freedom to work wherever you want, to explore new programming languages, and to actively contribute to our continuous improvement by sharing your ideas.

Who’s Xablu?

XABLU is a leader in cross-platform mobile app development and consultancy. From boosting our clients’ development teams to helping them hone their mobile strategy, we’re there to support them with all of their app development needs.

In addition, we regularly host events where developers can talk about technology, hack a little bit and socialize. We’re known for our deep expertise in the Microsoft Xamarin mobile ecosystem as well as our signature friendly and efficient approach.

At XABLU you’ll be working in an environment where you can express your talents, ideas and personality. You’ll be pushed by your colleagues to develop yourself and the team, all in an informal, fun atmosphere.


Sound like a good fit? Then get in touch today! Send an email to [email protected] with info on your experience and profile as well as contact details, and we'll get back to you right away.

For more details, check us out at xablu.com

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