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Why I see "Allocations" and "Time Profiler" instruments only?

I run Xamarin Profiler 1.62.165 on Windows 10 and VS 2017 Enterprise 15.7.3

Starting Profiler I see only these 2 instrumets: "Allocations" and "Time Profiler".

But in all documentation pages I read startup window has many other instruments

Why don't I have other instruments?

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  • VGrebinnykVGrebinnyk Member

    Thanks for replay. I see now. Screen shot of running Xamarin profiler from "Microsoft docs Xamarin profiler" page is a little bit confusing.
    On my running profiler I see only "Allocations" or "Time profiler" instrument but not all of them and "Cycles" at the same time as it is on docs screen shots.

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