Updating libraries

I have been going round and round for days trying to update my libraries in my android app and i keep getting errors when i do. At first I got the error that basically said that it was unable to update the xamarin.android.support files. I got past that by manually changing the targetsdk in the project file but now after i have updated them it now has yellow triangles next to all of my references and it cant resolve any of the libraries. I tell you I have been working in Xamarin for about a year now and it has been mostly frustration of trying to figure out why something is not working. It is really funny that they label the latest stable release of the packages because I rarely am able to ever migrate to them or I am really afraid to due to my project no longer being usable. The latest is after updating Xamrin.Forms to 3.0 and then restarting VS it complains that ....\packages\Xamarin.Forms.\build\netstandard1.0\Xamarin.Forms.props.. is missing..

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