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"Zoomed in" Display on the Android Accelerated Emulator

So I recently installed the new Android Emulator that came with a fresh install of Visual Studio 2017. It had a single device preloaded "Android Accelerated x86 Oreo." I'm curious about the display on this device. It appears that the fonts are zoomed in by default. I generally haven't done much beyond basic styling in Xamarin forms, so I don't think it's anything particular about what I'm doing. But leaving the styles to their default and running it on this new Emulator I notice that only a couple text boxes will fit on a screen. I've tested this app on quite a few devices and haven't seen it display like this before.
Everything scrolls fine and there were only a couple places that I needed to fix something that didn't display correctly. I suppose that's what you would want when a user has a device with a huge default font - i.e. everything displays but he may have to scroll to see it. Ideally you don't want to make a user scroll, but you also don't want to have pages that are full of empty space for a normal user.

Anyway - I'm curious about other people's experience with this, if anyone one knows why this new emulator displays in such a way and how other people suggest styling their apps to handle a user with such settings.

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