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Hi there,

I am getting crazy trying to do something that is quite easy when developing in Java/Android, but it is taking me a lot of time in Xamarin Forms.

I have a login page (no menus) then, once the user logged-in, another activity is triggered.
This page has a drawer menu at the top right (master/detail).
Let's call the items in the menu, item1, item2 and item3.
After the login, detail page item1 gets opened.
Everything fine to this point.

But within this page I have a "Next" button that should be clicked once the user has filled part of a form, and open another page (let's call it form2) once the user clicked on the button.
Form2 is not present in the drawer menu, it can be reached only from item1 inner button.
I tried multiple time to get to the desired result, but I can never get it right. Once I have no upper menu, another time it is there but empty (????).
Is there an easy way to achieve this or is master/detail structure so rigid?


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  • maxymaxy Member ✭✭

    Hi Miki!
    Thank you for your help. Actually, I started using Prism mvvm and it all went fine! But thank you again!

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    Hi Max,
    I had a look at the Hamburger Menu sample in the Prism GitHub project: it starts with a login page, after login it opens a master detail page (with the hamburger icon). The master - detail page is not capable of handling chained multi-page navigation. What you can do is to open a page at a time and then popup the menu page again. When you click logout the navigation jumps back to the Login page. You can do multipage (I mean a chain of pages) navigation with a Tabbed page (as a main page) but not with a Master - Detail page. I think this is what Xamarin University instructors explain: we have to live with some limitations of Xamarin.Forms. If we want (near) unlimited fancy UI possibilities, we'd better use native Android/iOS/UWP projects, but then we loose the convenience of Xamarin.Forms. Have fun with Prism, and keep up. Miki

  • maxymaxy Member ✭✭

    I agree Miki! If I had the time I would gladly use native code, but Xamarin is quite good actually!

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