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Xamarin Android - Not allowed to start service intent

thekneestheknees Member

Hi so i'm a total newbie to android development. I'm working with OneSignal to send push notifications to my android phone.
The android version i'm running is 8.0

The errors I received: In VS it says 'Not allowed to start service intent'
In the android phone it says 'Failed to post notification on channel null'

So my code is pretty simple, I have only messed with the AndroidManifest.xml , App.xaml.cs

AndroidManifest.xml Code:

i (dot)

As for App.xaml.cs, I've only entered about 1 line of code and that's for the API keys. So i don't think the problem lies there...

btw, in my code i changed the links to 'https....' so just saying ^-^ it's normal

I hope someone can help me...

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