Xamarin build is very very slow after reconnecting device to USB

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I have an issue with building Xamarin Forms 3.0 (but happened on 2.5 as well) and debugging on a real device, using VS 2017 (latest 15.7, but same was on earlier versions). When device is plugged to USB i usuallly need to rebuild (clean + build, or just rebuild) the solutiuon. If not a deployment error occurs. This would not be a problem, but such rebuild after plugging device (or reconnecting after disconnecting for several seconds) takes AGES (!!) - at least 5 mnutes if not 10 in some cases. After this long build and succesful deploymetnt I can normally work, debug, and in this case building, deploying, starting the app - takes only several seconds. But when I unplug the device it all starts again and the build after reconnect takes AGES. It happens on 2 different laptops (both with newest Windows 10, Visual Studio etc). I use Android 8.1 (but same happened on previous versions)

Any suggestions ? Thi is very annoying


  • tonholistonholis USMember ✭✭

    Yeah... I'm noticing the same issue but running on a mac (VS 7.5.2 build 40).
    It was good before but now is taking minutes to build & deploy my Android project to a real device.

  • SantoshThapaSantoshThapa USMember ✭✭

    This is happening for me as well. On top of turtle slowness; sometimes I need to delete the temporary .vs folder for a successful deploy. Also, switching solution configuration mode is nightmare.

    VS 2017
    Xamarin ([email protected])
    Xamarin.Android SDK (HEAD/a8a3b0ec7)

  • ST.7899ST.7899 USMember ✭✭

    any workaround in 2019?

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