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Shazam Offline and syncing question

kiwibeenzkiwibeenz Member ✭✭

I am in the process of a development for a client (my first). I need to be able to keep the application working while offline. I basically have a bar-code scanner app that creates assets on the fly. My business process or process flow allows for assets being on the go as well (out of office or warehouse etc).

With this in mind, i need to operate if there is no network connection presently. I basically save assets to a local sqlite db and once a connection is established again then those items will sync to the real db. The only app i could think off that displays this functionality well is Shazam.

Shazam is a way to discover music artists, if you like something you hear. If your offline it tells you "1 pending shazam" then once you gain a network connection it automatically queries Shazam and then adds the Shazams to "My Shazams" (a list of all queries you have made).

I am looking to replicate this functionality, would anyone have tips, nuget package knowledge, or logic or links to lead me on the discovery path!

Cheers in advance!

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