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Visualization Error on iOS

I just downloaded Xamarin Live Player [version 1.5.222 (722)] and am running VS 2017 [version 15.5.2].

The Xamarin.Forms app I've been working on is throwing an error when I try and use XLP on a new iPad (purchased new today). I've been working on the app for a while now but today was the first time I attempted to use XLP.

FYI: The app does work when deployed to a Mac using the iOS simulator or directly onto an iPad when published using the Enterprise program.

The error I am getting is as follows:

Visualization Error
No body on method System.IntPtr ApiDefinition.Messaging::IntPtr_objc_msgSend(System.IntPtr,System.IntPtr)

Any idea what the issue might be - or even where I should start to look?


  • AndrewFiloAndrewFilo USMember

    One additional note, I did download one of the samples from the Xamarin Live Player Samples site and that worked fine. I just need to figure out what it is about my project that's causing the issue.

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