Can CocosSharp be used for displaying a map in a Xamarin.Forms app

I am working on a Xamarin.Forms app displaying geographical maps made of square PNG images. In the first prototype, I used SkiaSharp, drawing bitmaps on the canvas. I was able to display a piece of map and zoom, pan and rotate it successfully. But then I came to the problem where I needed to add more tiles to the existing piece of map and ended up redrawing the whole bitmap, which is utterly inefficient. I also needed to cache the tiles that were already displayed, and it looks like I'll have to reinvent the wheel for that.

But then I looked around and noticed that CocosSharp can be easily integrated into a Xamarin.Forms app. I thought: it can be used to display tile-based games, and it definitely has a robust caching solution. So maybe I should try and use CocosSharp in my app? Or maybe it will only work with a particular kind of tiles, only good for gaming?

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