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copy solution to new folder - errors with standard shared library

Hi, we have a solution with projects for Android, iOS, a PCL, and a .Net standard library. This solution builds across all platforms no issues.
When we copy the parent folder of this solution to a new folder, and open it from there, the standard library project's Dependencies/Nuget references have all got exclamations on them (missing apparently) and the solution won't build. If I remove that project and add a new standard library project, then try to add xamarin forms or back into that project via manage nuget packages, it shows no errors but shows output of

GET https api v2 Packages(Id='',Version='15.6.1')
OK https api v2 Packages(Id='',Version='15.6.1') 315ms
The operation failed as details for project StandardSharedLibraryNEW could not be loaded.
Time Elapsed: 00:00:00.3205454
========== Finished ==========

We have no idea why. Can anybody help us out with this? Microsoft are making this hideously difficult for no reason.



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