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Unable to test my app for Android

I've created a new, cross-platform project for Android, iOS and UWP. I'm just trying to learn to use Xamarin to make apps for multiple platforms. I've so far created a basic label within MainPage.xaml of the shared project.

When I build the project to the UWP emulator built into Visual Studio with the Xamarin plugin, I see a white screen with the label I have created. However, testing on Android is become a bit of a problem.
If I try to build it to the Android emulator - Android_Accelerated_x86_Nougat (Android 7.1 - API 23) - all I get is blank, black screen. So I installed the Xamarin Live Player app onto my Samsung Galaxy smartphone and have successfully paired it to Visual Studio, however, when I try to build the project using Live Player, I get the following error:

Internal Build Error: Could not find file "/data/user/0/".

I've cleaned and rebuilt the solution. I've deleted the bin and obj folders. No change with either. What does this error mean and how do I resolve it? Alternatively, why is the Android emulator not working properly?


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