UIImage.FromBundle returns the wrong image

AlonGAlonG ILMember

Hi guys,
I am stumped for days and could not find any answer about this:
I am using UIImage.FromBundle to get an image according to the current selected language
this is the line of code I am using:

Slider.SetThumbImage(UIImage.FromBundle("btn_pay_up.png", LanguageUtil.Bundle, null), UIControlState.Normal);

I have 2 images withe the name btn_pay_up.png - one in my en.lproj folder and one in my fr.lproj folder.
When i load the page it presents the correct image according to the language and bundle i am using, but when i switch language it still shows the previous image(which is now the wrong one).
When i put a break point on my line i can see that the bundle is correct, but the image still does not change.
Any idea what is happening here?

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