NSNotificationService to the PCL

Hi! I am very new to Xamarin so I would like you to have that in mind =)
I am building an app in Xamarin Forms that will have to connect to bluetooth devices. I am working on a "Devices-in-your-vicinity-to-connect-with-list"-view at the moment.

The CBCentralManager in the iOS part of the app, I am using to scan for devices works properly, I think, and it posts the devices via NSNotificationCenter. The problem I'm having is to figure out how I transfer the device-data to my listView in the PCL and have it update when a new device is detected. Usually I transfer data between the platforms specific parts to the PCL via the DependencyService, but I don't know how to create the interface and class so that it works with NSNotification and the event handling.
There are some solutions that I can come up with but none of them are neat and clean.

Does anyone know if there is a good way of doing this with the NSNotificationCenter or if there is something better?

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