Designing screens for iOS with Visual Studio

I am a newbie, so sorry if this question is simple. I just started with Xamarin to develop an iOS application using Visual Studio 2012. I changed the Tasky project to work for my new application (added new fields to track, etc.). I have it to a point where it will list tasks and will allow me to add/edit/delete them from SQLite. So far so good.

Now it is time to start adding more screens. For example, I want a login screen first. I've read the many of the Xamarin tutorials (MVC, multi-screen applications, etc.) but I still cannot get my head around how to create a new screen and wire it up. Most of the examples show using Xamarin.IOS instead of Visual Studio and it seems to use the .XIB editor to create the screens. But it sounds like if you are using Visual Studio, you cannot use the .XIB editor. Is that correct? If so, how do I do it? If I can use the .xib editor on the mac, how would I get the result back into my PC Visual Studio project?

I just need a simple step-by-step for creating a new screen (like a login page) into the existing Tasky project (or any project for that matter) and hooking it up so that it first asks them to login and then go to the task list. Any ideas on how to get started with this?

Sorry if this is a neophyte question.


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