Master/Detail plus Hierarchical Navigation

maxymaxy Member ✭✭

Hello all!
I am new at Xamarin Forms and I am liking it but I am facing a problem.
I need a hybrid between Master/Detail structure and Hierarchical navigation.
The app should always have the master/detail interface (hamburger menu) at the top.
But once I get inside the first page specified in the MD menu (let's call it Step 1), that page follows a hierarchical structure with two buttons, "Next" and "Back".
I have been able to set the Next button to work properly, using:
App.Current.MainPage = new masterdetailPage { Detail = new NavigationPage(new Step2()) }; but it creates a new instance of the page, so the Back button cannot get back to Step 1.

Is there a way to achieve what I am trying to achieve?

Thank you in advance!

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