Not receiving Custom Push Notification from Azure when App is killed?

Steve_hawkinsSteve_hawkins GBUniversity ✭✭

Hey guys,

I've got an azure push notification hub setup and push notifications to a xamarin forms app.
Standard notifications show fine and if the app is killed they get pushed to the system tray which is fine,

The issue I have is I'm now using a custom notification template within android. if the app is open i can
receive and process the notification fine. Also added code to process the custom notification if the app
is backgrounded (push a local notification to the system).

The issue I have is I cannot get the custom notification picked up if the app is killed. I get nothing at all
not even in the system tray etc.

I've tried to implement a wakefulbroadcastreceiver but even that doesn't pick anything up. But i do know that
wakefulbroadcastreceiver has been depreciated in api 26 anyhow and that a jobscheduler should be used instead?

does anyone have any advice here or a sample app that is currently doing this I can check out?

my custom template ->

const string templateBodyAPNS =

any help is appreciated.



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