Creating an app template package which can be used as a standard in an Organisation

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Hi All,
We are planning to create an Application template which can be used as a standard template for all the applications in the organisation. Application template means,

  • We are going to have common login page across the apps. Only the login image is going to change.
  • We are going to have a common user profile page across the apps and will be having the same functionalities
  • We are going to have a common navigation bar in which the text will be changing in it

We were thinking about creating a visual studio template that can be used for creating the application. But if we want to change the standard design we have to go and make changes in all the applications manually.

So is there any what of creating a kind of package (similar to nuget package) and which can be added to the project? So if we are going to update the standard template, we can just replace the included package (like updating the nuget packages ) in all the apps with the new standard template.

Can everyone (@JamesMontemagno) please share your thoughts or views in how to achieve this?

Thanks in Advance

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