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Hi all !
I'm new to xamarin form and I need a little help to choose the best way to implement navigation on my app.
I have a WPF soft and I need to rewrite it for Android.

I followed many tutorials to understand Xamarin Form (including a great course on Udemy). But I didn't find the "best" way to developp my app.

The first part is some basic pages (log => menu => parameters etc..).
The second part is 40 pages where the user have to click on radiobuttons (average 5 radiobuttons group per view) ( it's a pro app, they have to check many things following a defined process)
With only these informations i was thinking about using hierarchical navigation, but i have some configuration pages during the process and it's change the next pages. (and obviously i need to go backward and keep the informations filled). And it seems the next page have to be hardcoded (i was thinking about a tricks with a static pageManager, but i'm not sure if it's the best idea ever :smile: )

What i used before
In WPF I used dataTemplate and contentcontrol to load a ViewModel and change the active view. but it seems to be absent in xamarin and i can't find a similar way to do it.

Bonus question
Do you recommand the use of any framework (i used some part of mvvmlight in WPF and the messenger is very usefull)

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me (and sorry for my english I do my best ^^ )



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    Using a framework such as mvvmlight or mvvmcross definitely the best way to go. See here.

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