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Asp.Net to Mobile - Xamarin only to interface (Web application in Aspnet), WebView is option?Tips?

Hello dear friends, i'm new with Xamarin, but older with Asp.Net,

In summary, I want my system in mobile version made with xamarin to run on android, i will explain better:

I want to create an app with Xamarin to access this my web application and in this way make it easier for the user to access the system, ie without having to recreate the entire system for mobile.

I want to keep my Asp.Net backend and create an app with Xamarin as the interface, and this mobile application interface accessing my aspnet backend.

In short, I do not want to recreate all business rule codes for xamarin, I want to take advantage of what I already have and build a native mobile application made in xamarin as interface.

It's possible?
Maybe with webview? (I've read and seen about things like that, with such a Webview, some app that used webview, ie, when some of these app gave some error was redirects to a web error page).

What is the best way? Can anyone suggest articles and tips for me to study something in that specific sense?

Thanks in advanced


  • rockthemeekrockthemeek Member ✭✭

    hello, i've the same need: a cross plateform app (android and ios) connected to my backend Asp.Net with same users authentification..
    Do you have found some tips?

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