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Activation issue

MittchelMittchel USMember

Hi There,

In my account I've got a trial license.. I recently got invited to a business team and got the activation code into my account. How can I start using this code? I removed the trial license from the ~Library\MonoTouch folder, but that didn't help.. for some reason it keeps activating my trial licenses.



  • DonovanPalmaDonovanPalma USMember
    edited January 2014

    I'm having the exact same issue.

    Are there any additional steps I can take to resolve this?

    I'm using Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio on a Windows machine.

  • MittchelMittchel USMember

    The Xamarin support team fixed it for me. I sent them an e-mail regarding this issue. They deactivated/removed my Trial license and when I reopened Xamarin Studio the Business license got activated. The e-mail I used was: [email protected]


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