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Xamarin Test Recorder - "Failed to install app" and "Failed to launch simulator" issues.

I am trying to use the Xamarin Test Recorder for Mac to record some UI tests on an iOS app. The iOS app was developed using Visual Studio 2017 (Windows and Mac). I've archived the project in Visual Studio for Mac then exported the archive using Xcode 9.2 to generate the files so that it can be recognised and opened by the Test Recorder. When I open the file however, I receive the error messages that I've provided in the .txt files below.

Note this is the first time I've used Xamarin Test Recorder and I haven't been able record a test using the software. I am able to deploy the app, run my own coded Xamarin UI Tests on a physical device and I am able to launch a simulator as well. Is there a issue in the way I've archived the files?

Thanks in advance.


  • XamQueryXamQuery Member ✭✭

    Hi Ben,
    Try this and see if that works for you (On mac):
    Click on Check for updates > Update channel > to Dev > Then install v1.2.9
    Now try running the app up on your device.

    Cheers (y)

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