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My understanding is that DevConenct is part of the Xamarin University, hence I'm posting this here.

I've been having issues with DevConnect for a little while now but as I hadn't actually found the need to direct any potential clients to my profile it hasn't really caused me any real problem.

The issues I have meant that I cannot edit a portfolio item - if I attempt to edit one and click 'Submit' I get a 'Error saving portfolio item' error. I've raised this with Xamarin support in the past but the problem persists.

Today I wanted to get the URL for my profile to forward to a potential client but for some reason I was not showing up in the list of UK Certified developers. On opening my profile I found that it was, for some reason, un-published. No great, problem - I just republished it and there I was.
However - clicking on my list entry all I received was a 404 error! Maybe it's still updating I thought - but clicking on ANY profile returns a 404 error.

I've watched a number of recent Channel9 videos where DevConnect has been mentioned but at the moment it really doesn't seem to be fit for purpose - is anyone else experiencing these issues? Is anyone using DevConnect at all?

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  • DaveCarsonDaveCarson GBUniversity ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the update @MarkSmith.8123 - much appreciated. I'll keep an eye on DevConnect going forward as I think it is a good place for potential clients to view and verify developer details from an authoritative source.

    I have been able to give my client a link that validates my certification so that has been helpful.

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