Reporting bugs in Visual Studio with Xamarin

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To report issues, please use "Report a Problem", available in Visual Studio 2017:

To make it most likely that we are able to reproduce your issue, please provide the following information:

  • Reproduction steps
  • Video of the reproduction steps
  • Relevant images
  • If build or deployment related, the entire build/deploy output.



  • dchdch Member
    Hi. I have vs 2017 enterprise 15.8 and xamarin>4 installed in windows 7 ult.
    everytime I create a new cross-platform project, the dependencies of the app has yellow triangle and lots of errors.
    whole thing is because of wrong version in xamarin.forms loaded in Nuget section of Dependencies, which is version 3.1.0... and the solution is to update the xamarin.forms package to version 3.4.0... in "manage nuget packages for solution".
    after updating the solution runs well.
    but everytime I create a new cp project I have to do the process of updating xamarin.forms package, (now offline).
    Is there anyway to adopt vs to load the correct version at time of creation of preject?
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