Is there a way to create a percentage-based, truly responsive layout with the designer?

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I've been looking online for hours now for a solution and I cannot find one. Every single one of them tells me to use the interface builder in Xcode. I do not want to do this.

Scenario: I drop a table view onto a view controller's root view. I want to use constraints to make the table view's width 100% of its parent (the root view), and I want to make the height 90% of its parent (the root view). This is the very essence of programming applications with responsiveness in mind. Is there no way to do this inside of the designer for Visual Studio 2017 on Windows?

In the Visual Studio 2017 designer layout paradigm, as in the Interface Builder, there is a "First Item - Relation - Second Item" layout organization. In the Interface Builder on Mac, however, you can specify the first item as the superview/container view width, the relation as equal, and the second item as the view in question's width. You can then say your constant is 0 with a multiplier of 0.5, and bam, you have your view that is half the width of the superview/container view every single time.

Here is a link to the paradigm that I'm referring to:

Please, if there is a way to do this, I would really appreciate some enlightenment.

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