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Relative Layout get touch response outside bounds

LippelLippel DEMember ✭✭
edited April 2018 in Xamarin.Forms
using XRelativeLayout = Xamarin.Forms.RelativeLayout;

I want to create an editor, that (on focus) expands a view holding buttons.
Clicking a button should add text to the editor, but not make the expanding view disapper!

This is how I set it up the hierachy:

|-- XRelativeLayout (1)

------|---- Editor (2)

------|---- XRelativeLayout (3)

------------|---- Buttons (4)

I have an XRelativeLayout (1), that holds an Editor (2) and an XRelativeLayout (3). The child XRelativeLayout (3) holds the buttons (4).

The parent XRelativeLayout is as big as the editor.
The child XRelativeLayout is placed underneath the editor (hence is outside of the parent XRelativeLayout bounds!)

Touch events are therefore not registered by the child XRelativeLayout...
How would I achieve this? (for Android and iOS). Any ideas for any of the platforms?

Why am I doing it like this? Because I want the inner relative layout overlap other Views in the page hierachy, without demanding space.

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