Changed one image into item of CarouselPage

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I am programming an application for light control. Each room of a house is represented by each page contained in a CarouselView.

each page is loaded with three images:
1: ImagenON
2: ImageOff
3: ImagenStatus

ImagenStatus is an image of a room with lights on. When I press the Off image, Image status should change to another image with the lights off.

With the MVVM model, I managed to change this image but it is replicated to all the pages contained in the CarouselView.

The idea is that only the event occurs on the page where I made the process ... do you have any ideas?

Could you help me with an example?
I am new to xamarin and I need a simple example to change objects inside a carousel view ... for example, I could change the text of a Label, or change an image with a button both inside a carousel view .. ..

Thanks Please. Help, this of the Itemtemplates is very complicated,

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