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How to crop images in Xamarin.Forms via code like WPF CroppedBitmap class does

Hi guys,
Nice to meet you. I'm new to Xamarin.Forms and I'm not very good with it. I'd like to implement a "15 puzzle"-style game, using images instead of numbers, in Xamarin.Forms on Visual Studio 2017 (on a Windows 10 Pro machine) so I need a way to slice an image in pieces, via code, in a very simple manner. In WPF it was pretty easy thanks to CroppedBitmap class in System.Windows.Media.Imaging namespace but nothing like this seems to be available for Xamarin.Forms, at least I was not able to find something like this. Is there something embedded or a third-party library that can do that possibly in a simple manner as CroppedBitmap class does and possiby for all the platforms?
Thanks for your attention.

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