Short lectures vs long courses

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this is of course just a proposal, but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to record current courses, resale them as video-lectures and start to prepare longer lectures - at least 5/6 hours long.

What do you think? :)


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    No. Having going through Xam U I can tell you that 90mins is about the max your brain can take. Its just too much data and too much new concept. You need to learn the once class... then go work that material for week and get some real understanding through hands-on. Then take the next course. And in between if you get lost you have access to XamU teachers to send questions to.

    Think of it this way... There is a reason why you take History in highschool 5 days a week for 45 minutes instead of History as an all-day course on Monday, algebra as an all-day course on Tuesday, Chemistry all-day Wednesday... and so on.

  • christopherpolskachristopherpolska PLUniversity ✭✭✭

    Okay, so first of all, by "longer lectures" I meant for example 5 separate lessons, that all together combine into a Lecture. Do you understand me? Check -> you have a lecture that is 30 hours long, divided into many small video recordings.

    Secondly: currently the lectures take around 2-2.5 hours; so you can have 3 lectures in total around 7 hours and they are discussing some big topic.

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    You asked what a people thought. I gave my thoughts. I'm not looking to debate it: I have things to do. Personally I doubt they will ever sell the lectures as you describe because that doesn't fit their income model nor does it coincide with the requirement to have an active paid XamU enrollment in order to test/maintain one's Xamarin Certified Developer certification. They like that couple-grand per year, per person. So the entire idea is a moot point.

    There are ten thousand other people here. 100 of them have meaningful thoughts. It will be interesting to read their thoughts as well.

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