Show softkeyboard when bluetooth keyboard is connected

Currently, i'm working on my first project with Xamarin forms and android. I have a bluetooth barcode scanner paired with android device. So softkeyboard doesn't appear when it's connected. I tried many options what i found in the internet. Such as forced softkeyboard call from CustomEntryRenderer and other places. In some cases it's possible to handle in Language/InputMethods menu in Android, but not in all phones. Maybe i'm missing something, and called code from wrong place. The question is how to show softkeyboard, even when bluetooth keyboard is connected?

     public void ShowKeyboard()
                InputMethodManager inputMethodManager = this.Control.Context.GetSystemService(Context.InputMethodService) as InputMethodManager;
                inputMethodManager.ShowSoftInput(this.Control, ShowFlags.Forced);
                inputMethodManager.ToggleSoftInput(ShowFlags.Forced, HideSoftInputFlags.ImplicitOnly);

     protected override void OnElementPropertyChanged(object sender, System.ComponentModel.PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
                base.OnElementPropertyChanged(sender, e);
                if (Control == null) return;
                if (e.PropertyName == ExtendedEntry.IsBorderErrorVisibleProperty.PropertyName)
                if (((ExtendedEntry)this.Element).IsFocused)
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