Xamarin University Updates - April 2018

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Since we announced what's new for the month of March, Xamarin University has been continuing to build quality content and new features. Check it out!

New Course

imageComplete your mastery of Xamarin.Forms navigation with our newest instructor-led course: Master-detail and Drawer Navigation [XAM290]. In this follow-up course to Xamarin.Forms Navigation [XAM205], you’ll explore two UI techniques using a master-detail relationship, learn how to switch between several pages of content using drawer navigation, and discover how to create a true master-detail UI that enables users to browse a large collection of data while taking advantage of available screen space.

Upcoming Guest Lecture Webinar

image On April 24 at 9:00am PT, join Oren Novotny for an intro to creating single and multi-targeted .NET Standard class libraries using the new "SDK-style" project system. We'll recap what .NET Standard is and how to get started. Then, we'll dive into new capabilities of the "SDK-style" project type, show how to consolidate projects that target multiple platforms into a single project, and how to create a NuGet package for the library. Finally, we'll demonstrate how to convert an older class library into a .NET Standard library. Register for the live webinar.

New FREE Lightning Lectures

Wireless Deployment to iOS and TVOS

imageDid you know you can deploy to your iOS and tvOS devices across the network? See how to set yourself free of your USB cables and get started with Wireless Deployment and Debugging in Kym Phillpott's Xamarin Wireless Deployment to iOS and TVOS recording. Watch now.

Xamarin Forms Platform Specifics

imageXamarin.Forms includes some Platform Specifics when you need functionality on one specific platform without the need to make an effect or custom renderer. Judy McNeil walks through two Platform Specifics – one for iOS and one for Android – while sharing where to find more information and sample code. Follow along as she creates a project from "File-New" and demonstrates Page.UseSafeArea for iOS and Application.WindowsSoftInputModeAdjust for Android. Watch now.

Unlock the AccompLIST badge

imageWe just unleashed the AccompLIST badge, the third in our collection! Unlock this badge to show off your expertise with displaying data collections by completing these courses:

  • Fundamentals of TableViews [IOS110]
  • Customizing TableViews [IOS115]
  • Editing TableViews [IOS215]
  • ListViews and Adapters in Android [AND110]
  • RecyclerView and CardView in Android [AND115]
  • Using ListView in Xamarin.Forms [XAM280]
  • Customizing the ListView in Xamarin.Forms [XAM312]

Xamarin Certification Study Guides

Towards the end of last year, our Xamarin certification was split in to two tiers - the Xamarin Mobile Professional and the Xamarin Mobile Developer - and many of you have been requesting for a study guide dedicated to each certification exam. So, we're happy to announce that we now have two Study Guides for you to easily prep for each of the exam. You can also download the PDFs to study while offline!

Microsoft Build 2018

Lastly, Microsoft Build 2018, our biggest developer conference is just around the corner, taking place in Seattle, Washington USA on May 7-9. In addition to connecting with Microsoft engineers and execs about the future of apps, cloud, and AI, you can meet some of our awesome Xamarin University team members across instructor-led hands-on labs and at the Expo. Subscribe to Microsoft Build's updates to get the latest on where to find us!

That's all for now. Be sure to follow us on [email protected] and check back next month for new updates.

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