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New to SkiaSharp/Xamarin - feature questions.


First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to the people behind SkiaSharp.
I would also like to reiterate that I am completely new to both SkiaSharp and Xamarin itself..
I have several years of experience with other languages/APIs though. Most notably with Delphi and a few DirectX libraries built for it.

I want to build a geemtry-based shoot'em up and I'm trying to understand if SkiaSharp has the following "required" features:

  • Tick / Paint events with proper synchronization.
  • Rendering to a secondary canvas which can then be flushed to the main app canvas. (to avoid geometry computation on every draw cycle)
  • Semi-transparency and blending.

Also, on all the examples I've seen so far, solid colors are used to paint fills and strokes. Are gradients / images supported as well? (don't really need images, but thought I'd ask anyway)

I can easily calculate polygon collisions and rotations if these are not supported but I believe I'v seen something about built-in transforms already, so I won't ask about that.

Thanks again, and all the best.


  • thewaverthewaver Member

    Thank you for sharing, however, that video answers a very minute portion of my questions:

    • Yes, I can set a timer, but how will the system behave when framerate drops below the target? And how will it influence user input?
    • I can render to several canvasses, but, can I flush what has been rendered on a canvas onto another directly?
    • Semi-transparency, blending, gradients and so on were not touched on at all, only the possibility to render bitmaps.
    • Also, for translations, rotations and other transforms, I saw these being applied to the canvas, not the vectors, which I would need to calculate collisions (but that's fine, I can easily compute those myself)

    Regardless, I thank you again and apologies if I missed something.

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