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How do I deploy using Xamarin Live Player?

SamirGunicSamirGunic Member ✭✭
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So I created a new Xamarin.Forms solution including a Xamarin.Android project. I got the Xamarin Live Player for Android and I managed to pair my device, a Samsung Galaxy S7 with the Visual Studio 2017 Community running on my Windows 10 Pro computer. Fair enough! I clicked the play button from the debug target drop-down list and it was built and deployed to my Android device over the LAN.

Now here is my problem! I closed Visual Studio and downloaded the BugSweeper sample. I unpacked the sample, loaded it up in Visual Studio and selected Windows 10 version 16299 as target framework as the solution contains a UWP project, and my computer is running 16299 version. I set the Android project as the startup project, started the Xamarin Live Player on my device, and selected Manage Xamarin Live Player Devices from the drop-down menu. My device was listed, but it was "unreachable". I tried to remove it by clicking on the X and pair it again.

On my device I got the message "Connected to Visual Studio" and then it changed to "Lost connection to Visual Studio" right thereafter.

Here is the output log.

Start XamariTest.Android, Samsung SM-G930F Player, .
Attempting connection to debug address:
Attempting connection to debug address:
Attempting connection to debug address:
Attempting connection to debug address:
Attempting connection to debug address:
Unable to deploy to Samsung SM-G930F Player, please ensure the Xamarin Live Player app is open and the device is on the same network as Visual Studio.
Failed to debug your app.

Am I doing something wrong here or is the Xamarin Live Player still unstable?

Why is the IP address listed as

It worked the first time, why would it not work each time thereafter?

As can be seen here on the Xamarin Live Player manager window, the device is unreachable.


  • SamirGunicSamirGunic Member ✭✭
    edited March 2018

    I have no idea what I have done, but I have managed deploy to the device and I can debug on it, in spite of the fact that the message on the device keeps cycling between "unable to connect to Visual Studio" and "waiting for Visual Studio". It doesn't exactly give me confidence.

  • akalol111akalol111 USMember

    I just wanted to comment that I was experiencing the same issue. I solved it by force closing the Xamarin Live app on my Android device and starting it up again. After re-pairing it just worked as expected.

  • e12088e12088 Member

    yes i was experiencing the same issue...akalol111 is right

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