How to create multiple image cropper in Xamrin.Forms?


I want to achieve following functionality. Can anybody please suggest me any way or example that can be work worthy in iOS and Android. However, the priority is of iOS.

I have a page where user can upload 8 pictures. I want to provide multiple image selection. User can select 8 pictures together or user can select in group like 2-3 pictures. Even user can select only one picture.

Now the twist that I want to provide image cropper option. Let say user have selected 5 picture. After selecting pictures, I want to show image cropper screen with Next button. So, user must be able to crop all 5 image one by one with one go. Next button will show to next image to crop. At 5th image, there will be Done button that will take user back to image gallery which will show all 5 pictures.

Can anybody please suggest me?

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